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Why was my account suspended?

An account may be suspended for a few different reasons. 

  1. There was fraudulent activity connected to the account
  2. The products listed in the shop were not originally created by the user, such as mass-produced art reproductions, stock images, or vector packs
  3. The account offered intentionally deceptive listings claiming to be products or materials the Redbubble marketplace doesn’t offer
  4. The account was created after an associated account was disabled
  5. The account was found to be owned or operated by someone under 16 years of age

While an account is suspended, artists will be unable to log into or access any of the products uploaded to the account. Additionally, any products will not be available for sale or appear in search results for the duration of the suspension.

Suspended artist accounts with outstanding balances will still be paid for their sales. For more information on artist payments, please have a look at this article here

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