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Artist Margin Explained

How is the Retail Price Determined?
What is a Base Price?
How do Sales/Discounts work?
Site-wide Discounts
GST, VAT and Taxes

How is the Retail Price Determined?

Redbubble's pricing system works a little differently to your typical art gallery. We don't charge artists any sales fees or commissions. Instead, for each product available for sale on the Redbubble marketplace, there is a base price (covering Redbubble's service fee and the cost of manufacturing) whilst you, the artist (and seller), add a profit margin on top of this base price. These combine to make the full retail cost of the product. By default, this profit margin is set to 20% of the base price, but it can be as low or as high as you'd like!

So, how does this look for you? Let’s use a large framed print as an example:

  • You set a 20% markup on a large framed print in your shop.
  • Large framed prints have a US$125.00 base price, making for a $25 profit margin (20%)
  • $125 base price plus your $25 markup make for $150 retail price

Remember, if you're buying your own prints while logged in, you will only ever pay the base price for your products and it won't be registered as a sale in your history.

What is a Base Price?

Depending on the delivery address, the base prices are different to take advantage of local production, differing material costs, and taxes relative to the various artist, production and delivery countries. When viewing works on Redbubble, we assume delivery to the country you're currently in, so the base price may update when entering a different country in the checkout. Check out our base prices below!

Redbubble Base Prices

As all currencies, labour and material costs are in constant fluctuation, there is the occasional need to alter base prices. This happens from time to time and we appreciate your understanding in this matter. 

How do Sales/Discounts work?

The artist markup amount is a percentage of the base price, so when a base price changes, the dollar amount of your profit margin changes as well. With this in mind, it's important to note that the base price will be a little smaller when a customer is using a discount code, which means that you'll receive less of a profit than you would with a full-price purchase.

Site-wide Discounts 

Some of our products have volume discounts that can affect the base price of items in larger orders. 

So let's create an example using a small sticker going to the US:

  • This has a base price of $2.00 
  • Let's say there's markup of 50%, creating an artist margin of $1.00 and a total sale price of $3.00 
  • A customer comes along that already has 5 or more stickers in their cart which applies a 50% discount to the base price
  • This reduces the base price from $2.00 to $1.00
  • The markup remains the same at 50% and now creates an artist margin of $0.50 and a total sale price of $1.50

Any further site-wide discounts can further reduce the base price.

Though it may feel like you're receiving less of a profit, please keep in mind that these discounts are a big help in driving sales and attracting new customers to your work, and we make sure that with every sale you still receive the same percentage of the base price as you normally would.

GST, VAT and Taxes

Redbubble is an online marketplace where artists can sell their products to customers using the Redbubble platform. Redbubble collects proceeds on behalf of the artist and deducts Redbubble’s service fee, shipping costs and the supplier’s manufacturing fee, before paying the remaining funds to the artist (Artist Margin).

Tax is included in orders where applicable, and may include sales tax, GST, or VAT. Because taxes vary around the world and based on personal circumstances, it is the responsibility of all artists on Redbubble to make sure they are handling their personal taxes correctly. This is further outlined in our Services Agreement.

Depending on your account settings, base prices may include GST for Australian sales, resulting in your marked-up prices being different. We recommend that you seek professional advice on whether you should or should not register for GST, and update your tax settings accordingly.

United Kingdom VAT is charged for sales in the European Union. Redbubble collects and remits UK VAT for both the base price and shipping costs to the HMRC. If you are registered for VAT then you can provide your VAT number in the tax section of your payment settings and we will include the VAT margin on your Artist Margin. If you are not sure if you need a VAT number we recommend speaking with a tax professional.


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