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Due to the high volume during January’s pay cycle, it could take 2-3 additional days for all payments to get processed. Thank you for your understanding!

Why haven’t I been paid?

The clock keeps ticking and you’re yet to receive your payment? There are two main reasons as to why this might be happening to you. Let’s rule them out! 

  1. You haven’t reached the Payment Threshold. Last May we reintroduced the Payment Threshold, which requires artists to reach at least $20 (£20 or €20) in earnings to be able to receive their payment. No idea what we’re talking about? Learn more about it here!
  2. Your PayPal account is not verified. We have also implemented a verification step to ensure that all payments via PayPal are legitimate. Don’t fret, the verification process is real easy!

If you’ve reached the Payment Threshold, your PayPal account is verified and you haven’t received your payment yet, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to investigate!

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