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Just a reminder our Artist Payment Cycle runs from the 15th-20th of each month

Artist Payment Process

You’re officially making money off of art you made. Life is sweet, isn’t it?

Now how do you go about collecting your hard earned cash? Read on to learn more about the Artist Payment Cycle.




Before you can make a sale, double check that your profile and account details are ready and revvin’ to go.

1) Head to your Account Details page and make sure your payment information is correct. Here, you can pick and alter your preferred payment method.

You can be paid via direct deposit through:

  • A verified Paypal account. Restrictions may apply to some countries.
  • A bank account, depending on your country of residence and selected currency. Bank transfers are only available to Australian, US and UK bank accounts.

Remember: you can’t change your currency, so be sure to choose this carefully at sign up.


2) Make sure you’ve confirmed your account. Upon sign up, you should have received an email with a confirmation link. You can double-check whether your account has been confirmed in your Account Settings, under the Payment Details tab.

3) Upload some work (which must be made public to sell)! Remember, you need to have confirmed your account and set up your payment details to make your work sellable.



Yes! Someone’s recognized your genius and has decided to pay you for it.

Look out for the “You’ve Made a Sale!” email, which will include details on what sold, at what price, and what your cut is.

Remember: the sale is not final until the item is made and shipped out (which is confirmed by the Manufacturing Invoice email). If your buyer reconsiders and cancels the order before it ships, you won’t be paid.

You can view every sale you’ve ever made in your Sales History page under Account Details.

If you’re logged in, buying from your own shop doesn’t constitute an official sale! Self-purchases will not appear in your sales history and you won’t receive any sales or manufacturing emails.



After 2 -3 days of printing time, the order finally ships and makes its way to the buyer.

It’s official. You’re getting paid. Check for the Manufacturing Invoice in your inbox. You can also check the ‘Order Status’ column in your Sales History. Each confirmed sale will say ‘To Be Paid’ or ‘Paid’.



The official pay cycle begins every 15th of the month. You are paid for every shipped sale you made in the previous month.

If your sale has not shipped by the 15th, your sales carry over into next month’s earnings. You can double-check the sale’s Ship Date in your Sales History under the Ship Date column.

Please note: If you signed up a few days before the 15th (and you've already made a sale), you will need to wait for the next pay cycle to receive your first payment.

Please note: Orders that have been cancelled before shipment, do not get paid out at all. Also, there is not an option to be paid earlier than the regular pay cycle at this time.

As of July 2016, there are no more payment thresholds. We also no longer offer checks as a payment method.



Although the pay cycle begins on the 15th, it may take a few extra business days to process.

If they’re going to a Paypal account*, please wait an additional 5 business days.

If your funds are going to a bank account, please wait an additional 7 business days.

*Keep in mind, you may need to log into Paypal to claim your funds.

If you’ve waited the allotted time and still have not received your funds, feel free to get in touch with our Artist Experience Team. We’ll be happy to help.



Your money is here. Now what can we spend it on?

Watch out for the Remittance Advice email, which should give you confirmation for all the sales you made in this Payment Cycle.


Even more Payment Information

Can I transfer my earnings?

In short, no.

Unpaid earnings cannot be transferred into RB store credit, vouchers, or gift certificates. We are also unable to transfer or add earnings together if you have more than one RB account.

Can I be paid early?

As of early October, we no longer offer early payments. The early payment request form has been a magnet for fraudulent users, and the costly investment required to deflect this activity has outweighed the benefits of offering early payments. We appreciate your understanding.

Something doesn’t look right.

If you haven't been paid as expected, first things first...

Please double-check that the payment details you have provided are correct.

Payments that were sent to an invalid bank or Paypal account will be returned to us. If you've simply misspelled your Paypal email or mistyped your banking information, you can correct that in your payment details, and the payment will be reprocessed in our next cycle.

If Paypal or your bank returns your funds to us, we will block future payments until you update your Paypal or bank details. If an update is not required, please contact the Artist Experience Team to manually cancel your payment block.

If you've confirmed your payment information is correct, and you still have not been paid, you can always contact us here or reply to a sales notification email.

For a speedy investigation, please include the following when you submit your help request:

  • your account username
  • confirmation that you have received both the sales notification email and the manufacturing receipt email for the sale/s in question
  • the individual sales numbers that you feel you have not been paid for
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