When do I get paid?

If you're eligible to receive a payment and have met the Payment Threshold, the process starts at the beginning of each month, and the payment should land in your account by the 15th. You can check out our article about processing times and our article about how payments work for more information.

Things that can impact getting paid on time:

  • If your Paypal account is unverified, you'll need to claim your payment manually.
  • If your orders haven't shipped by the end of the previous month, they will be included in the following month’s pay cycle unless they’re canceled before shipping.
  • You will not be paid for orders that are canceled before shipping. 
  • Ensure that if you're updating your payment details, it is done before the end of the month.
  • How you choose to be paid can impact when you see the payment land in your account. Learn more about processing times
  • Your Redbubble Standard account fee was applied and your final monthly earnings didn't reach the payment threshold. Learn more about how account tier fees work.

If you don't meet the $20 threshold before the end of the year, learn more about what you need to do to get paid the annual payout.

 Please note:

If your account is suspended, any balance will be frozen in accordance with the Redbubble User Agreement.